About Markle Martial Arts

For over 50 years, ATA has made life-changing impacts to over 1 million students world wide. It is our responsibility to teach students of every nation, every age and every gender to be the best possible version of themselves through Songahm Taekwondo. 

Start your journey with ATA today! 

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Learn empowering self defense

benefit 2

Relieve stress and sharpen your focus

benefit 3

Promotes non-violent conflict resolution

benefit 4

Confidence building for a boost in self-esteem

Our Team

We have over 20 years experience in the martial arts.

Colby Markle

3rd Degree Black Belt TKD
Lead Instructor (ATA Certified Level 3)
Brown Belt Judo
Blue Belt 2 stripes BJJ
2017 South Carolina State Champion(Sparing)
2018 South East United States District Champion(Sparing)
2018 World Taekwondo Competitor

Steven Markle

2nd Degree Black Belt TKD
Senior Instructor (ATA Certified Level 3)
2019 South Carolina State Champion
(Forms, Combat Sparing, Sparing)


Most frequent questions and answers

No, We will start you on your path to Black Belt.

• We will teach you self confidence
• Learn empowering self defense
• Get moving and stay in shape
• Relieve stress and sharpen your focus

Yes, We offer Kids, Teens, & Adult classes on Monday and Tuesday.

One of the central tenets of all forms of the martial arts is an absolute focus on self-discipline. Kids with a martial arts background, however, are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline is.

Unlike a children’s program, adult programs focus on high-intensity fitness and real self-defense that applies in today’s world.

First and for most the desire to better your self, after that you can start with basic work out clothes until your uniform comes in. Then there’s the basic paper work. 

We charge a modest fee of $60 for One student, $110 for Two Students, & $150 for the Family.

Today not possible.

Tomorrow possible.

Eternal Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee