The Cost:

$25/month for parents/spouse of current register students.
$40/month for non-members of TKD classes.

Please Fill out the waver form Before Class
Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and hit submit.

Thanks and see you in class.

Self Defense Classes are held every Monday from 5:30 – 6:15 PM

About Class

This is right after our advance kids TKD Class. So please be aware that there maybe a class going on when you arrive.

Please wear work out pants and a t-shirt. (You may wear a rash guard top under your t-shirt, if you wear leggings or rash guard bottoms please wear shorts over them).

We will work on a different scenario every month and we will post it.

We are starting with Ground self defense (what to do and how to get out of being taken to the ground).

Golden Rule #1:

You may use no greater force than a reasonable person would deem necessary to defend against the threat proffered. What constitutes a threat varies significantly by state, but it always includes physical harm against you.

Is it self Defence if someone hits you first?

To legally punch back a person who threw the first punch, you must have a reasonable belief that physical force is necessary to defend yourself. This analysis requires both 1) that you subjectively believed force was necessary and 2) that belief was objectively reasonable.